Michael Logan


Michal Logan has an extensive career in the securities industry that began in 2005.  Since beginning his career, Mr. Logan has held several senior roles at broker-dealers engaged in Stock Loan/Borrow and locate business activities.  In these roles, Mr. Logan developed specific expertise and extensive knowledge in the areas of securities lending, execution, and clearing. He also cultivated numerous relationships with various banks, broker-dealers, and agent banks.  Currently, Mr. Logan is the CEO of Velocity Clearing, LLC, and COO of its affiliated broker-dealer, Velocity Capital, LLC.  Mr. Logan is responsible for driving business initiatives of these broker-dealers and has management oversight over each firm.   Furthermore, Mr. Logan sits on the board of VCT Holdings, LLC.  As a member of the board, Mr. Logan is part of a team of individuals that guide numerous technology and business development programs designed to support its underlying broker-dealer businesses.

Michael has the following industry licenses: 7, 24 & 63